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RTO LT helps to initiate Lithuania’s first energy efficiency education programme

Responsible use of energy, and in particular energy from renewable sources, is becoming essential to reduce the negative impact of humans on nature and the climate. However, there is a perceived lack of knowledge and skills among the younger generation, and the topic does not necessarily find its way into educational programmes. In order to change this situation, the international energy company Ignitis Group, with the help of RTO Lithuania, is launching the first national energy efficiency education programme in Tauragė.

The new education programme, written with the help of Arminas Varanauskas (Head of RTO LT) and Lukas Stakėla (Analyst at RTO LT), aims to educate students about energy and its production, global issues and the impact of each person’s actions on the environment, thus creating an even more aware and responsible young generation.

The education programme is being launched in the Tauragė district, where a pilot will be implemented this school year. Tauragė was chosen as the first stop for a reason – it is a district that is intensively working for a sustainable future and creating it.

After the pilot project in Tauragė, the energy efficiency education programme will be rolled out in other Lithuanian cities. More information about the programme can be found here.