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RTO LT experts actively participate in LT2050 strategy creation

For some RTO LT experts, March provided an additional workload, yet a very important one. In March three expert consultations on Lithuania’s progress strategy, 2050 were held. RTO LT experts in those workshops took different roles. Some of them were facilitators, some experts participants and some were thematic leaders. Gintaras Valušis, current RTO LT Head of the Council was the thematic leader of the technology and innovation theme.

RTO LT is glad because science and technology development together with general and higher education became a backbone of the strategy. Yet, it is a long way ahead. It is expected that the LT2050 strategy will be presented to Parliament next year, in March of 2023. Good first steps on the windy road ahead.

The implementation period of the state progress strategy is expected to be more than 20 years, from 2024 to 2050. The State Progress Strategy Lithuania 2050 is being prepared by the Government Chancellery in cooperation with the Seimas Future Committee, the Government Strategic Analysis Center (STRATA) and Vilnius University.