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EUROfusion signs Horizon Europe Grant agreement

On 15 December the EUROfusion consortium signed into effect its Grant Agreement under Horizon Europe, the European Framework Programme from 2021 – 2027. Under this new Grant Agreement, the EUROfusion programme will direct and integrate research across Europe into a comprehensive R&D programme to realise fusion energy. EUROfusion will present its goals and achievements during an in-person event in Spring 2022.

Fusion energy has the potential to generate sustainable, low-carbon heat and electricity from a low-footprint facility, using the same process that produces all the energy of the Sun. Future fusion power plants would complement renewable energy from solar and wind (in combination with storage) currently being developed, and would produce clean base load energy from abundant fuels.

To realise fusion, the EUROfusion consortium brings together 4800 researchers, staff and students from its 30 member institutes and 152 associated entities from across Europe including the UK, Switzerland and Ukraine. Together these researchers have set up a focused research programme guided by the European Roadmap to Fusion Energy. This fusion R&D roadmap is the most comprehensive in the world, and lays out the scientific and technological challenges to fusion energy.

We’re proud that Lithuanian Energy Institute is a part of this large family of European scientists!