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RTO LT provided proposals for mission-driven science and innovation programme in Lithuania

September 20 was the last day to submit proposals from the scientific community, businesses, the non-governmental sector, and other active members of society on the topics of mission-based science and innovation programs.

The mission-based science and innovation program is a set of actions aimed at achieving an ambitious, inspiring, and measurable goal within a set time frame, through science and innovation, the implementation of which would have a positive impact on society, its quality of life and public relations.

FTMC, LAMMC and LEI submitted 5 missions:

Climate neutral Lithuania by 2050.
The goal of this mission is to become a climate-neutral country by 2050 by absorbing excess GHGs in agriculture and forestry. (LAMMC)

Food – the key to the longevity of society.
The goal of this mission is to create a healthy food chain and unlock society’s potential for longevity. (LAMMC)

Smart and climate neutral cities.
The goal of this mission is to create a climate neutral city that is also waste-free by 2030. (LEI)

Laser and photonics technologies for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
The goal of this mission is to establish the Technological Innovation Center for medical competence, where laser and photonics-based technological innovations will be developed and implemented for health diagnostic research and therapy, as well as prognosis and prevention of oncological diseases. (FTMC)

Creation of a new generation semiconductor industry ecosystem in Lithuania by 2030.
The goal of the mission is to create a high value-added science-business ecosystem in Lithuania by 2030 that can ensure world-class scientific knowledge and technologies – hybrid chips that integrate electronic and photonic components, sensory imaging functions and enriched internet of things connections – supply and demand required for the development of next generation industry in Lithuania. (FTMC)

Our members are participating in 8 more missions as partners. All in all, the members of RTO Lithuania are involved in a total of 13 different missions!

The results should be clear in the coming months.