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RTO LT made proposals for political parties before upcoming elections

Last Friday, during RTO Lithuania Executive board meeting proposals for political parties, were approved. In the proposal, RTO Lithuania stresses the importance of the EU Green Deal initiative and urges political parties to take it as an immediate priority.

“EU Green Deal initiative is an opportunity for us. But if we want to be among frontrunners, we need to start investing nationally. If not, as a country we will have the same outcome which we had with participation in H2020 – numbers were not encouraging at all” – commented newly elected chair of RTO Lithuania Executive board, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry director Gintaras Brazauskas.

Proposals included among many to establish national research and innovation programme on Green Deal priorities, tune-up Smart specialisation strategy with Green Deal initiative, strengthen Lithuania RDI Liaison office in Brussels (LINO), invest in demo projects for high added value solutions. All proposals may be found here (in Lithuanian language).