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Join Clean Water Hackathon

While we don’t seem to have a lack of water in the Baltics, our water ecosystem faces a different problem. According to the latest report from the European Environment Agency (EEA), 60% of European rivers and lakes are failing to pass the good water quality criteria. We face a very similar situation in Baltic countries as well.

It’s the first time we unite all three Baltic countries and the people working daily to preserve our waters for the opportunity to work on this together – BaltCap and Katalista Ventures invite you to join an online Clean Water Hackathon.


Clean Water Hackathon will not only increase awareness about the water pollution problem in the three Baltic states but will also create solutions that have both financial validity and positive environmental impact.

During the hackathon each team will work on the Clean Water Challenge:

• STEP 1 – Identify one water body as a case study

• STEP 2 – Identify the pollution cause of the chosen body of water

• STEP 3 – Create a solution for cleaning that body of water
which can be scaled late


We are looking for teams from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia that are willing to create an actionable impact on the water pollution problem. Teams of up to 5 people can participate. You are welcome to form teams beforehand the Intro Day (June 18th).

If you are from the organisation that is working with water quality that is a university, NGO, startup, research center, or environmental organisation – this hackathon is for you. Environmental enthusiasts or others who are passionate about this cause are welcome to participate as well.

Form a team of people from your organisation or register as an individual – we will do our best to select the most fitting teams for this hackathon.


START – online event / June 18th – hackathon challenges are identified and presented to the teams.

DISCOVER – time for exploring / June 18th-June 29th – teams are making experiments in their local water sources and creating water quality improvement solutions with the 1:1 mentorship support.

HACK – online hackathon / June 29th – teams are making experiments in their chosen water sources and creating water quality improvement solutions with the 1:1 mentorship support. The solution should be based on your strengths: software, hardware, legal, etc.

IMPLEMENT – post-hackathon – the winning team gets consultations from both BaltCap and Katalista Ventures as well as prizes from the partners.


Get your voice heard – engage with key national stakeholders to create actionable solutions.

Become stronger – create partnerships with mentors, stakeholders, and other participants to accelerate your knowledge and make your solution a reality.

Get expert mentorship – use the experts from our partners, BaltCap and Katalista Ventures to improve your knowledge and fast-track through the challenges you face in coping with the clean water issue.

Onboard innovation – this experience will be based on establishing innovative processes and creating innovative solutions. Don’t miss the chance to learn new skills from internationally acclaimed mentors.

Register as a team or individual and join us to be an activist – there is only so much you can do from the back seat.

Let’s create a movement and work on cleaning our waters together.

***Only one registration per group is needed. At the end, we will select the best fitting teams for the hackathon and inform your team if you are chosen.***

Register here

If you would like to take this challenge but still have the questions – do not hesitate to contact us