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Center for Physical Sciences and Technology has become a member of EARTO

Research leader in the Baltic States – Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) – is a member of the European Association of Research and Technology Organizations (EARTO). The association brings together more than 350 of Europe’s strongest non-university research institutes and centers from 23 countries, with a focus on applied R&D and technology development. FTMC is a leading international center for research and technology in physics, chemistry, technology.

“We are very pleased to have become a part of this large and important science organization. The imporant thing is not only international recognition of our research and projects, technological achievements and innovation, the results of synergies with high-tech businesses. We are delighted that after a comprehensive examination, our strategic direction to develop and apply knowledge of applied physics, chemistry and technology to the development of high-tech industries was positively evaluated” says Gintaras Valušis, FTMC Director. “On one hand, it’s fun to be recognized and be alongside such science centers like VTT in Finland, TNO in the Netherlands, IMEC in Belgium, or Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Germany. On the other hand, it is great commitment and responsibility, an incentive to go on and improve by learning from recognized partners and further expand the already intense international cooperation. “

According to G. Valušis, the upcoming work is to creatively implement the experience of foreign colleagues in Lithuania and, upon EARTO’s request, to delegate Lithuania’s representatives to working groups. This will not only allow to get to know and participate in solving the most pressing scientific challenges, to feel the hottest innovation trends, but also to share FTMC’s experience. It will also open up new opportunities for science-business cooperation in promoting high-tech development.

The Center of Physical Sciences and Technology is the largest research institution in Lithuania. It is engaged in research aimed at the development of the high-tech industry and the creation of the knowledge economy in Lithuania as well as the world, developing new prototypes with high added value and providing high-tech services, creating conditions for businesses with high added value to strive. FTMC has 627 staff and 87 PhD students. In its past two years, FTMC has fulfilled more than 3,500 business orders and helped more than 350 companies meet their business goals. National and international projects, orders and contracts from economic operators account for 56% of the total FTMC budget, which is nearly 10 million euros.